*HMB Optometry is now offering "MACULAR PIGMENTATION" Testing*

Come and find out your macular pigment optical density and measure your risk for developing Macular Degeneration .

Risks Factors Include:

Family History of Macular Degeneration, Being a Smoker, High Fat Diet, Being a woman, Hormonal status, Alcohol Use, Exposure to Sunlight and LED lights.

Using the Following Exposes You to Harmful Blue Light:

Computer,  Television, Smart Phones, Tablets

Prevention is the key




At HMB Optometry we use state of the art, latest diagnostic technology including, Topcon Auto-keratorefractor, Topographer, Topcon Retinal Camera, Auto-Phoropter, and Ziess-Humphrey visual field system. This new technology helps us in the quality of diagnosis, management and treatment of ocular diseases.